Terms of Service

PlayBowls terms of service for clubs

Thank you for using PlayBowls!

These terms of service are a commitment between you and Bowls England that govern your right to use the websites, applications and other offerings from PlayBowls.

PlayBowls offers an online platform to enable participants to search for and book bowls experiences. For this agreement end users who book these experiences are called ‘participants’, users who upload their club details are called ‘clubs’.

As the provider of the PlayBowls system, Bowls England does not own, control, offer or manage any clubs or listings.

Bowls England are not party to the agreements entered into directly by the participant or club. We do maintain other terms and policies that supplement these terms and they are available from our website.

1.Club terms

  • Clubs must create an account to be part of the PlayBowls platform, and must agree to keep all account information accurate and up to date.
  • As a club, PlayBowls offers you the right to the PlayBowls platform to share your club details, rink space and any service that your club might offer to new participants.
  • When clubs receive a booking, they are entering into a contract directly with the participant and are solely responsible for delivering that service under the term specified in your listing.
  • Clubs are agreeing for PlayBowls to take applicable fees like the Bowls England hosting fee (detailed under fees).
  • Any supplement contract or agreement clubs make with participants must be consistent with these terms.
  • Clubs relationship with PlayBowls is as an independent individual and not as an employee, agent or partner of PlayBowls and Bowls England.
  • Clubs must respond to all participant enquiries within an acceptable time period, no longer than 48 hours.

2.Platform Rules

  • Clubs must follow these rules and must not help or induce others to break or circumvent these rules (both on the platform, and during the booking):
    1. Act with integrity and treat everyone with respect.
    2. Do not lie, misrepresent something or someone, or pretend to be someone else.
    3. Be polite and respectful when you communicate or interact with others.
    4. Do not use discriminatory, offensive, defamatory, or other language.
    5. Do not discriminate against or harass others.
    6. Do not hack, compromise or impair the PlayBowls system.
    7. Do not take any action that adversely affect PlayBowls.
    8. Do not use content, such as imagery, unless you have the permission of the owner.
    9. Understand and abide by all laws and policies that apply to you.
    10. Adopt the Safeguarding in bowls policies that can be found here.
    11. Do not use the name, logo, branding or trademarks of Bowls England, PlayBowls, or Bowls Bash without permission.
    12. Any reviews provided must be accurate.
    13. Club accounts should be managed by users over the age of 18.


  • PlayBowls provides tools that make it easy for you to set up and manage your club account and availability listings. Every listing must include complete and accurate information. Clubs are responsible for their own acts and omissions as well as keeping listing information (availability) and content (photos) up-to-date and accurate at all times.
  • Clubs are responsible for obtaining appropriate insurance and it is strongly recommended that clubs review the policy term and conditions like coverage and exclusions.
  • Clubs are responsible for understanding and complying with any laws, rules, regulations and contracts with third parties that apply to your club and the services it offers.
  • Clubs are responsible for handing and using personal data of participants and others in compliance with GDPR regulations and the PlayBowls privacy policy, which can be found on the website.
  • The ranking of listings on the PlayBowls platform depends on a number of factors and may appear differently for different users and devices.
  • Clubs are responsible for setting the price and establishing the rules and requirements for each listing. This must be accurate and up to date for every listing.
  • If the Club is working as part of a team, and more than one user has access to the PlayBowls platform then each individual is responsible and liable under these terms.
  • Each person who performs a function on PlayBowls on behalf of a club is agreeing that they are authorised to perform to those functions by the club. If you instruct PlayBowls to transfer the pay out to a different account, you must be authorised to do so and are both responsible and liable for the payment amounts and accuracy.
  • Accounts should have active rink listings and availability during the period April – September. PlayBowls reserves the right to remove clubs that do not have any listings or availability for longer than a month during a peak season.

4.Fees and payments

  • Clubs are responsible for setting the costs of their sessions directly on PlayBowls. Clubs are advised to read the recommendations within the pricing section. There is a minimum fee of £1 for each user booking.
  • Clubs are agreeing for PlayBowls to take applicable fees like the Bowls England hosting fee (detailed under fees).
  • The Bowls England hosting fee is 12.5% of the booking fee. This covers the site development, maintenance, server hosting, card payments, email broadcast system and ongoing marketing.
  • Bowls England reserves the right to review this cost annually, and provide thirty days’ notice of any reductions or increases in the hosting fee.
  • Clubs agree to upload their payment details into the website, which stripe can then use to disseminate payments.
  • PlayBowls does not offer refunds of any type, but instead offer vouchers and credit. Full details can be found in the participant terms and conditions.
  • Clubs are responsible for ensuring that all income is declared for accounting purposes.


  • The agreement between PlayBowls and clubs remains in effect until either PlayBowls or the Club terminates the agreement.
  • Clubs may terminate this agreement at any time by emailing playbowls@bowlsengland.com or by deleting the club account.
  • PlayBowls may terminate this agreement giving seven working days’ notice to the email listed for the Club account.
  • PlayBowls in some instances may terminate this agreement immediately if the club has violated any rules or broken the safeguarding in bowls policy.
  • PlayBowls reserves the right to remove clubs that do not have any listings or availability for longer than a month during peak season (April-September).
  • If PlayBowls terminates this agreement then confirmed bookings will be offered a voucher for another club on the PlayBowls system.
  • If Clubs terminate this agreement, then then confirmed bookings will be offered a voucher for another club on the PlayBowls system and the terminated club shall return all confirmed booking fees to PlayBowls.
  • When this agreement has been terminated all content in association with the clubs account will be removed, clubs are not entitled to any of the content.
  • Clubs do have an opportunity to appeal a decision made by PlayBowls, appeals should be made in writing within 14 days of the decision.


  • If you believe any club has violated any PlayBowls terms or policies you should report your concerns to Bowls England.
  • If you any party breaches these terms, PlayBowls reserves the right to
    1. Suspend or limit access to the PlayBowls platform
    2. Suspend or remove availability
    3. Suspend or remove content and reviews
    4. Reassign bookings to other clubs
  • PlayBowls will notify a club if a violation has been made against them, including the penalty for the violation. Clubs will be given an opportunity to provide a response and resolve the issue.
  • PlayBowls reserves the right to bring disciplinary action against clubs and affiliated members through Bowls England Regulation 9.


  • PlayBowls and Bowls England reserve the right to revise any terms, fees and policies associated with the PlayBowls platform.
  • Changes will be notified to the main club contract email address with thirty days’ of the change becoming effective.
  • The clubs continued use of PlayBowls after the thirty days’ notice period constitutes the clubs acceptance of the revised terms, fees and policies.